Lundia Shelving was born in Sweden.

In 1946 Harald Lundqvist utilised a self-tensioning principle which held components together. He applied these principles to a range of timber shelving which provided incredible strength and durability for his finished product.

Harald patented this system in 40 different countries and pioneered the Lundia brand as we know it. Lundia products today are globally represented and are renowned for their quality, strength, versatility and durability.

Here in New Zealand, Lundia is a 100% privately owned company, specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of customised timber storage solutions. Our head office is based in Auckland, New Zealand and we have a branch office in Wellington. We are also represented in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.

Respect for the planet is central to our philosophy and a commitment to a cleaner, healthier planet underlies everything we do. Lundia has been fully certified and further verified by EnviroSpec.

We have been practising environmentally-sustainable design since the company was formed in 1962. This makes Lundia the storage-solution manufacturer of choice for architects and designers working on green-rated projects, and for responsible consumers who care about the future of our Planet.

Lundia products are manufactured to the highest standards with responsible waste management practice. We also use UV-curable acrylic coatings that contain no atmosphere-polluting VOCs or solvents and we recycle wherever possible.

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