When smart products are designed with you in mind, they are designsmart.

ds-blog-1 Designsmart is more than a guiding philosophy for our own improvement process – it is the very foundation for how we approach your needs.
Lundia’s product and system design comprises a holistic overview of manufacturing, lifespan, purpose and end users. By careful selection of materials, products and systems, we are able to offer a suite of integrated products, which work together to deliver benefits beyond the product for each and every one of our customers.

This is designsmart.

Designsmart benefits: Commercial
Our teams visit your site and work to optimise your floor plan using our modular systems as a design base. We look at your immediate needs and develop a future-proof system, which allows your installation to expand or contract with your business needs.


Space optimisation
Product selection
Future proofing
Modular system base
Relocatable and reconfigurable systems – particularly for Libraries, Retail and Education
Efficient nationwide service and installation
Green star rated products and finishes
Durability requirements and weight tolerances

Designsmart benefits:  Architects, Specifiers & Designers
Lundia works with Designers and Architects nationwide to realise visions and push the boundaries of great design. Our involvement can start anywhere from inception to the planning stage.


Personal project management
CAD and BIM files for planning
Space optimisation
Modular system base with customisation abilities
Product selection
Green star rated products
Special finishes
Durability requirements and weight tolerances
Future proofing-relocation and configuration options
Efficient nationwide service and installation

Designsmart benefits: For your Home
Lundia products last a lifetime, or longer and are sturdy, attractive and easy to install. Our standard range is equally at home in every section of the house and has the versatility to grow with you and your family.


Natural timber
Eco-friendly products
Range of standard finishes
Versatility: Kitchen, living, dining, bedroom, home office, garage & more
Efficient nationwide service and installation

Bring designsmart to your next project or home installation and see how Lundia delivers value beyond products or even your wildest dreams!

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