When smart products are designed with you in mind, they are designsmart.

ds-blog-1 Designsmart is more than a guiding philosophy for our own improvement process – it is the very foundation for how we approach your needs.
Lundia’s product and system design comprises a holistic overview of manufacturing, lifespan, purpose and end users. By careful selection of materials, products and systems, we are able to offer a suite of integrated products, which work together to deliver benefits beyond the product for each and every one of our customers.

This is designsmart.

Designsmart benefits: Commercial
Our teams visit your site and work to optimise your floor plan using our modular systems as a design base. We look at your immediate needs and develop a future-proof system, which allows your installation to expand or contract with your business needs.


Space optimisation
Product selection
Future proofing
Modular system base
Relocatable and reconfigurable systems – particularly for Libraries, Retail and Education
Efficient nationwide service and installation
Green star rated products and finishes
Durability requirements and weight tolerances

Designsmart benefits:  Architects, Specifiers & Designers
Lundia works with Designers and Architects nationwide to realise visions and push the boundaries of great design. Our involvement can start anywhere from inception to the planning stage.


Personal project management
CAD and BIM files for planning
Space optimisation
Modular system base with customisation abilities
Product selection
Green star rated products
Special finishes
Durability requirements and weight tolerances
Future proofing-relocation and configuration options
Efficient nationwide service and installation

Designsmart benefits: For your Home
Lundia products last a lifetime, or longer and are sturdy, attractive and easy to install. Our standard range is equally at home in every section of the house and has the versatility to grow with you and your family.


Natural timber
Eco-friendly products
Range of standard finishes
Versatility: Kitchen, living, dining, bedroom, home office, garage & more
Efficient nationwide service and installation

Bring designsmart to your next project or home installation and see how Lundia delivers value beyond products or even your wildest dreams!

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Lundia at Work. Architecture meets Ecosanctuary.

Welcome Shelter is an Educational & Volunteer Space at Longbush Ecosanctuary, Waimata Valley, Gisborne.


Adhering to the philosophy and environmental guidelines of the project, Welcome Shelter needed environmentally friendly storage solutions, so Lundia was the natural choice.


Lundia is widely-recognised as a business which values respect for the planet and goes to great lengths to ensure its manufacturing processes, waste management and final products are as environmentally-friendly as they can make them.


It was critical to use eco-friendly installations for a project of this nature.

Lundia’s Static Shelving in a Natural Timber Finish was chosen for its sustainable and eco-friendly qualities. Ease of installation, strength, durability and the capacity to re-configure the Shelving later on, were clearly the winners on the day. And we are rightfully proud of our donations and involvement in the project.



The Welcome Shelter is a gateway for visitors to this special environment, which

includes several critically endangered native species. Access to the Welcome Shelter is free of charge for all visitors and the project aims to promote active stewardship of our natural environment.

The Ecosanctuary is approximately 120 hectares and over the past 15 years has been the rapidly restored through the efforts of Jeremy and Dame Anne Salmond. With the removal of invasive pests and weeds, alongside the planting of hundreds of thousands of native trees, the diverse ecology at Longbush is beginning to thrive again.

Lundia have been practicing environmentally sustainable design and manufacturing, since the company was formed in 1962. This makes Lundia the storage-solution manufacturer of choice for architects and designers working on green-rated projects, and for responsible consumers who care about the future of our Planet.

If you’re considering a project which needs true environmental values, then please get in touch with us today and we’ll help you get the green stars you need!

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Smart Designers are Working with Lundia


When Comvita’s design team needed a contemporary, versatile and modular display system, they chose Lundia.

This striking installation uses Lundia’s Standard size cubes from the Cubox range finished in white Melteca. The floating display maximises product viewing and testing for customers and by wall-hanging the Cubox, Comvita can display their products within personal environments.

Four different size Cubox were supplied to reinforce the range and variety of Body care products and with an extremely tight showroom launch schedule, Lundia built and supplied Cubox ahead of time, so that vinyls and other display elements could be incorporated.

This retail application is not just testament to the quality and service provided by Lundia, it is testament to the smart designers, who can think ahead to deliver stunning and practical solutions for the retail sector. This is designsmart.


Lundia excels in delivering an optimised, modular and versatile solution, so if you need to expand, rethink or resize – our products will grow with you.

Many of New Zealand’s leading retailers choose Lundia for its strength, durability and eco-friendly properties. And with Lundia’s green star rated products – it’s not just a good choice, it’s a smart choice.


For versatile, cost and space-saving retail solutions, Call Lundia on 0800 860 460 or contact us via our website.


Schools Manage Growth with Lundia

clean-mobileManurewa High School is the largest multicultural school in New Zealand, with 1900 students representing over 40 nationalities. With an increasing role and demand from the community, Manurewa High School is certainly growing – both internally and externally.

Managing growth

Managing intake to meet community needs is one of the school’s areas of expertise. Managing Storage systems to meet the rigorous demands of a growing school and its personnel, is our area of expertise. This year, the schools’ growth has demanded more Storage in classrooms as well as multiple resource areas.

Fortunately the school had installed our Mobile Storage a few years ago, so our task was simple, because Lundia’s Storage Systems are modular, reconfigurable, expandable and versatile. This means, we can adapt and expand current Lundia systems to meet and exceed growth demands.

Keeping budgets down

Our process allowed both parties to have input to meet current demands and enabled foresight for future needs.

• Assess client’s current Storage requirements
• Audit and optimise current space
• Draft an expanded Storage plan to suit locations
• Expand current Mobile Storage
• Re-install expanded systems

By reconfiguring and expanding the current Lundia Storage Systems, huge savings were made when compared to the cost of replacing and re-supplying new systems. After a thorough audit of available space, we simply re-installed the new, expanded, modular systems to their preferred locations, on time and well within budget.

It pays to plan ahead

We know education budgets can be tight and there are key times in the year when costs are under scrutiny from governing bodies. Choosing Lundia Storage as a cost-effective base for your institution not only saves you money to begin with, but it can certainly pay dividends in the future, for growth and relocation.


Lundia Office. Lundia at Work.


Are you resizing, relocating or starting up?

Lundia will help you optimise your floor plans, find storage space you never knew you had and provide top quality, NZ made furniture, storage and accessories for your big move.
We are proud of our installations and provision for a huge range of different scale businesses across New Zealand, Ranging from small offices, SME’s and Global corporates.

Some of these clients include:

Team Emirates New Zealand, Fonterra

Westpac Bank, ASB Bank, BNZ Bank

Auckland City, Flight Centre, Lion Nathan

Frucor, University of Auckland, AJ Park

Ceres, ESR, PWC, Hamburg Sud, Bauer Media

Why do so many businesses choose Lundia?

Lundia delivers a top quality product, which stands the test of time and we’ve been saving money for our customers for over 50 years.
We find space within your footprint so you won’t have to compromise your operation. We specialise in space optimisation for businesses and organisations of any size by delivering substantial cost over floor space savings and storage consolidation.

• Boardroom
• Reception
• Executive
• Staff areas
• Storage room
• Libraries and Archives

Most of our products are certified by Envirospec, which gives your business the opportunity to further the cause of sustainability and can help your project gain green star certification.

Lundia’s standard, modular products can be fitted with a wide range of accessories to suit your needs. Modular, expandable products mean that our range can grow with you, while you grow your business. For example:
Our shelving can be fitted with pull out slides, drawers, racks, closed and lockable cabinets and we can even provide a stylish Mobile Wardrobe System for busy executives, who need to keep clothing or personal items at the workplace. We basically design and build to meet your needs now and for the future.

• Mobile Storage
• Shelving
• Bookcases
• Tambour
• Screens
• Desks and accessories
• Space optimisation

Call us today and find out more.

Because a Lundia Office, is an office that works.

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Easter Sale – Save 20% on Lundia!


image01ANow’s the time to grab yourself some gorgeous Lundia for your home or workplace!

We’re giving a 20% discount to all our loyalty members and new customers on the following standard Lundia products:

  • Static (Adjustable) Shelving
  • Cubox
  • ecobox
  • A4+

Lundia Sale products


This sale starts on Tuesday April 8th and finishes on Wednesday May 7th, so you do have time to plan something special. Simply use the code: HOP20 online or at our Auckland showroom to grab yourself a bargain!

And remember, our team can help with any queries or special requirements you have, so feel free to call us 0800 860 460 today!

Trade and commercial orders always receive very generous discounts – so you won’t need this sale to get on with your projects!

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Happy Easter everyone!

Lundia are proud sponsors of the 2014 interior awards

interior-awards-blogOur involvement with the Architectural and Design communities, are integral to our business. Innovations in Design drive us to pursue new forms and applications for our own products; for example, our highly successful ecobox. This year we are once again, proud sponsors of the 2014 Interior Awards.

The awards recognise and reward many categories:

• Retail
• Hospitality
• Workplace
• Civic
• Installation
• Emerging Design Professional
• Craftsman

The awards are open to Any New Zealand-based design professional, including interior designers, interior decorators, interior architects, architects and all other design professionals. Entries are encouraged from individuals, groups, partnerships and those working in larger practices.

This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your competencies, so get involved!

We’ll see you there.

> find out more; visit the interior awards website here

“It’s the future Jim, but not as we know it…”

We recently exhibited at the Retail Futures Expo at the Viaduct in Auckland to showcase the versatility of our ecobox / cubox combinations.

We combined brightly coloured Cubox with our natural ecobox to demonstrate how you can make your storage an architectural work of art as well as a wonderful storage platform.

Educators and Designers have commended us on the design and environmental values ecobox brings to your environment.

Below are just some of the photos of our displays. We hope you enjoy them!

> Read more about ecobox and combinations here

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>Read about ecobox manufacturing process here

ecobox and desk ecobox fronts_detail ecobox stack back

Shake, rattle and roll. Lundia’s still standing.

The recent earthquakes near Wellington have once again highlighted the superior strength and robust nature of our Shelving systems.

Firstly, our thoughts and best wishes are with everyone who has felt the impact of these recent tremors. And we spare a thought too for all the businesses and individuals who awoke to find much of their storage had collapsed under the strain – destroying or damaging many valuable personal and business assets.

Our Wellington agent has sent us this photo from a business enquirer, who’s storage was all but destroyed in the recent tremors…you’ll see that the Lundia storage is still standing-while the other shelves have simply buckled and collapsed.

It’s no secret that our Shelving represents some of the strongest, most versatile and environmentally-friendly Shelving in the world. Lundia Shelving is designed and built to last, it is also fire retardant, since it does not conduct heat or electricity.

Read the article on fire retardant Lundia Shelving here >

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ecobox. Lundia’s latest design innovation thinks inside the square and ticks all the boxes.

Lundia have successfully combined the essence of lean manufacturing, design innovation and environmental-friendliness into their latest storage and design solution. ecobox is a flexible, attractive, sturdy and modular storage system which oozes natural style and inspires you to take a few home!
ecobox is made from sustainably-harvested, plantation-grown 18mm pine, which is the same timber Lundia use to make their world-renowned shelving – so if you want to combine the beauty and proven strength of timber with natural aesthetic values – then ecobox is right for you, your home and your office.

Waste reduction, recycling, sustainability and respect for the environment are cornerstones of Lundia’s operation and philosophy.

“We found that our natural timber shelving manufacturing process, left us with lots of smaller pieces, which we would simply recycle. As part of our commitment to some of the guiding principles of lean manufacturing, we developed a system which takes these top quality pieces of timber through a recycling and re-crafting process to produce a series of beautiful, modular, natural timber storage items. ecobox is going to be totally at home in a modern office, house or educational faculty.

It carries the values of sustainable NZ natural timber, which you appreciate as soon as you see them. We’ve had some on display in our showroom for the past few weeks and we’ve had so much enquiry and had so many complements, we feel sure this is going to be a winner for many new or existing customers. It’s such a simple solution and now we’ve got another product which is totally sustainable and which transfers those properties and values into the environment they are used in”.

It also proves that often the best solutions, are often right in front of you.

The ‘big thing’ for Lundia is that they’re further reducing waste and bolstering their company values. It’s a great example of how best practise business methodologies and emotional connections to the planet can still produce a product, which ticks all the boxes.

>visit the ecobox product information page here

ecobox. Stack it your way.



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