Bin Inn

Bin Inn is a nationally known retail brand, with 34 stores in New Zealand. With an emphasis on quality wholefoods and specialty grocery items; Bin Inn prides itself on healthy, natural products.

  • Lundia's clear lacquer, pine shelving was an ideal solution for this high-traffic B2C retail environment.
  • Standard static shelving layouts are versatile enough to combine different sizes to compliment the items being stored and displayed
  • Clear lacquer pine provides a natural look to match Bin Inn's healthy product values
  • Standard Lundia units achieved Bin Inn's need for ergonomic, low units, face-outs, aisle-ends and bulk bin dispensers
  • Bin Inn have noticed that Lundia timber shelves do not attract dust like metal shelves
  • Easy installation and adjustability of Lundia shelves have been highly praised







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