Blanc Auckland. Turning cellars into best sellers.

Blanc is West Auckland’s premier store for beer, wine and spirits. Blanc carries all your usual brands, but focuses on interesting and unique products that are not found elsewhere.
A recent rebrand and redesign of the store led to a recommendation for Lundia to propose a retail display and storage solution.

Peter is a director of Blanc and he tells us how Lundia’s service and products have combined to deliver the perfect solution.

Modular flexibility was a major factor in using Lundia’s systems. We know they will suit us now, but more importantly, the system will be configurable with our store layout in the future.
Lundia proposed an entire retail display system, based on their versatile adjustable shelving range. It’s natural timber, so it fits well with our brand and the strength of the product can hold our very heavy range too.  Aisle displays were developed to improve line of sight throughout the store and really help to reinforce the quality of our brand and the store.

The advantages are huge; we now have a completely flexible floor layout, which is helped by having adaptable shelf sizes too.

Our customers love the store and we love the Lundia!

Blanc is a family business with unique provenance.

The original business was a vineyard, established in 1937 by Petar Fredatovich. Later, he developed a winery to sell mainly port, sherry and liqueurs to the local market. Table wine followed in the early eighties, and now the company exports all over the world. The Cellar Door was the showroom for our wines, until December 2012 when it was transformed into West Auckland’s most loved liquor shop. Blanc.


Pop into Blanc and see how Lundia is helping this business become a best seller.


Adjustable Shelving Wine Rack System

Adjustable Shelving Wine Rack System

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