Hardy's Healthy Living

The Natural Solution for a Leading Health Retailer

New Zealand’s leading natural-health retail group Hardy’s approached Lundia to provide a customised solution to its retail and storage requirements when it came to refurbishing its stores nationwide.
The key requirement was a customised retail and storage solution for each store. Most of the Hardy’s health stores have very little or no back-of-house storage space so it was essential to devise a space-saving and practical solution for storing additional stock without cluttering the look of the stores.

Hardy’s liked the natural, back-to-nature look and feel, and the versatile storage options of Lundia Static Shelving systems, which perfectly complemented the Hardy’s brand and company philosophy of natural products.

The Dark Oak finish of the shelving units requested by Hardy’s provides a strong, clean look against the white and bright-green walls. But, in addition to being visually appealing, it was important that customers be able to view and easily find the products they were looking for. This meant every item needed to be displayed in a clear and tidy manner.
Lundia suggested a number of tailored solutions to show products off to their best advantage. For example, slat walls inserted in the back of some units allow for packaged items to be hung in rows, while tilted shelves are ideal for displaying health books.

The Lundia Static Shelving bays were also specially customised to accommodate drawers at the bottom of each unit for additional product storage. This was essential given the lack of storage space out the back for stock.

Each Static Shelving unit has a signage panel at the top to complement the overall look and feel of the fit-out. The fit-out also features several island units in the centre of the store. Placed back to back for optimum space-savings, these also have large drawers at the bottom and provide space on top for freestanding signs and attractive product displays.


Back to Back Retail Display Shelving

Back to Back Retail Display Shelving

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