Stack it your way.

ecobox is a flexible, attractive, sturdy and modular storage system which oozes natural style. ecobox is made from sustainably-harvested, plantation-grown 18mm pine, which is the same timber we use to make our shelving; so if you want to combine the beauty and proven strength of timber with natural aesthetic values – then ecobox is right for you, your home and your office. 

ecobox is available in four complementary sizes which stack vertically or horizontally. ecobox ships as single flat-packed modules, with 8 connectors per unit.

Sizes (sizes in mm)

ecobox small        185W x 380H x 380D

ecobox standard   380W x 380H x 380D

ecobox medium    575W x 380H x 380D

ecobox large         770W x 380H x 380D



Natural Sanded

Clear Lacquer

Whitewash Stain (Stained to order)

Black/Dark Stain (Stained to order)


Buyers will need a Phillips screwdriver to assemble each unit, then you simply choose how you want to join them with the connectors and stack it your way!


Configuring ecobox

Stacking and calculating your ecobox configuration is easy.
each component is based on the standard unit size 380 x 380 x 380mm
Download the ecobox planner pdf here >

small ecobox = .5 x standard unit
medium = 1.5 x standard unit
large = 2 x standard unit

This means you can stack units vertically and horizontally within your design

Please allow 4-15 days delivery for Natural Sanded or Clear Lacquer

Please allow 15-18 days delivery for Black/Dark Stain or Whitewash Stain

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