X4 Teachers' Workstation

X4 Teachers' Workstation

X4 is the first in a range of educational products designed by educators for educators and addresses the needs of the mobile classroom and the changing face of education today.
X4 is an integrated workstation, which combines:

  • A teacher’s trolley
  • AV unit
  • Laptop charging unit
  • IT Desking
  • Presentation Cabinet
  • Mobile room divider

By providing these features, in one simple, ergonomic and practical workstation, X4 makes teaching easier and learning more stimulating. Platforms on each side of X4 allows for multi-group learning from a single station - encouraging collaboration with a variety of standard tools such as removable whiteboards, paper hangers and pull-out desking.
X4 can be used to divide a large space into smaller zones, freeing up valuable floorspace and enables multi-modal teaching, where different groups can be working on many different projects at the same time – from the same unit.
By integrating most modern classroom functions into one, simple piece of furniture, X4 is liberating classrooms by saving valuable space and time.
X4 is a design revolution for teachers

X4 is customised to suit your environment, features can be added or remodelled to suit your needs. Some of the regular features include:

  • Space-saving pull-out desking
  • Secure storage and charging for 18 devices or laptops
  • Multiple whiteboards
  • Hosts mobile technologies in one place
  • Support for a 32” monitor
  • Tote tray storage for stationery or equipment
  • Storage for larger books


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Introducing the X4

See X4 in use at Stonefields Primary School, Auckland, New Zealand. See how X4 is changing teaching AND learning.

Lundia X4 Product designer

Cristiaan de Groot, the designer of X4 talks about his influences and inspirations for the product

Lundia X4 Principal Sarah Martin

Sarah Martin, the principal of Stonefields Primary School, talks about X4 and how it is helping her school.

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